The page will display

The image size is wider than the display screen. As a result, the will display image file size is unnecessarily large. Which webpage has too many images of the same size? The page will display the content on the screen more slowly. Web servers work unnecessarily. because the image must be resized to fit the screen first to be displayed.

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Image size suitable for the display device will display

Currently, electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, notebooks) have many brands and different models. Each model has different screen sizes.

The question is the image size that is suitable for each type of device. What size should be? because different models Screen sizes are also different.

The answer is that for simplicity in practice, we use the “standard image sizes” used in website writing software as follows:


There are various problems with display devices. Each type requires a different image size. can Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List be solved with Responsive Image

Responsive Image is a technique to make web pages Automatically load images that fit the screen size. This technique solves the problem of overflowing the image size on the screen.

Nowadays, popular website building platforms such as WordPress , Wix , Squarespace already support Responsive Image. Just prepare images that are suitable for each type of screen. then use it in SG Phone List accordance with the display format

The steps to fix it are as follows.

  1. Open PageSpeed ​​Insight Report > Opportunities.
  2. Click Properly Size, a list of images will be displayed whose width exceeds the screen size.

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