Shaping the Branding Universe with 3 Pillars

leave the old frame of mind Start a branding strategy through 3 elements that are inseparably interrelat. for brands to have momentum in sync with the rhythm of the modern marketing world By analyzing the three pillars that will be discuss in this article.

From the evolution of human consumption with media as a close bridge always in parallel previous article which in this article I want to bring my friends Readers throw away the idea of ​​branding the way it us to.

And step into a new frontier that the context provides for the opportunity And as I said to create a ‘Branding Universe’, we will see the connection to that destination from here. with analysis Synthesiz with 3 pillars that will be discussed as follows.

Media geography changes

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From exploring the city at a spee familiar to humans like riding in a horse.

Drawn carriage, it suddenly transforms into a jet plane that can fly across the country in Peru Phone Number List a short time.

The key axis is the spe of data transmission. That connects humans to digital media like Social Media that disrupts traditional media with algorithms directing the possibilities.

An example of Pipeline thinking is

that we buy billboards, radio spots, TV spots, and buy banner SG Phone List ads on famous websites.

Or shoot the Facebook ad and Bombard repeatedly to create a trend and get.

Powerful awareness to make consumers familiar with the brand. And go shopping at a convenience store Then sales will skyrocket. no longer possible.

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