Compare the two writing styles

This one is not in favor of itself. But I think the quality of the articles I write myself. It’s better than letting the AI ​​write it for you.

However, at the beginning of using AI to write, I let AI start from writing outlines to writing content. where I didn’t have much customization

If I adjust the process by involving myself more with AI when writing Outline and when writing content. (Which takes more time) should make the content come out better.

For the image, because Content Shifu has a fairly clear CI (Corporate Identity). both the style of the figure and the color As a result, Canva’s AI-generated image might not be as good as an article featured image and Content Shifu’s social media posts.

Therefore, in conclusion in this part, I think that Content Shifu’s graphic designer Switzerland Phone Number List is still significantly better.

For articles written and designed by people

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It took a total of 2 hours 57 minutes 12 seconds.

For articles written and designed by AI.

It took a total of 33 minutes 37 seconds.

In conclusion, writing and making photos by yourself takes 5 times more time than using AI to help.

Summary of Generative AI

I think generative AI is used to make us work faster. but in the near future I think it still can’t replace people 100% anyway.

Anyway, whatever. A world where humans and AI will have to work together may be closer than anyone thinks.

The important thing of every People who want to have SG Phone List a place to stand in the future world will have to “Embrace AI” or “Embrace AI” to be an assistant in both living and working.

As Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change.” the surviving species it is something that has an adaptable life.

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