A recruitment and job

Search site with a wide variety of jobs to choose from. It can be said that there are A recruitment all events throughout Thailand included in one place. with a full time job and freelance jobs to choose from, apply for each other, etc.

Freelance work website 

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There are a variety of jobs to choose from according to specialties. and covers SG Phone List all businesses Have a good back-end system Confidence that customers will get a job And definitely not cheated money Including having a selection of quality freelancers And also the site with the most freelancers.

  • There is a payment system on time. where the customer pays into the system first Then the freelancer can start working. And will get money from the system when the customer Colombia WhatsApp Number List approves
  • There is a popular job recommendation system.
  • Suitable for working at home, freelance and part-time.
  • There is a job search system that is clearly separated by category, easy to use.

The website includes a variety 

Leading private companies in Thailand to choose from. You can click to select the position you want to apply for. and then deposit your resume And when you find a job that interests you, you can go and see the company’s review as well. Or if anyone wants to review the company, they can do the same.

  • There is a system for us to easily upload resumes. And wait to contact back from the company
  • A collection of jobs from leading companies across Thailand.
  • There is a company review system for us to read and make decisions.
  • There is a Work Score that tells us how suitable this position is for us.

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