How generative AI works

Generative AI is a processing system that can automatically generate images, video and audio. The system uses learning techniques to produce the most realistic results. Generative AI learning uses large amounts of data and mathematical methods to create models that can produce new results. that has never been so precise

Image and video creation

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Generative AI image and video generation uses deep learning models to create more realistic images and videos, such as the creation of images of humans or animals based on original images, for example. An example of a deep learning model is convolutional neural networks ( CNN) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN).

making a sound

Generative AI’s audio generation uses deep learning models as well, where the system Saudi Arabia Phone Number List is generated from a large amount of audio data. and learn.

How to create sound from a built-in sound dictionary, such as making possible music from various musical instruments. An example of a Deep Learning model for generating sound is WaveNet.

creating a message

Generative AI uses natural language processing (NLP) SG Phone List models to generate text. The most popular model for generating text is the Transformer model, which has the ability to learn from character data and the meaning of sentences. to create new messages as needed. An example of a popular.

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