Efficiently encode images

Efficiently encode images is recommended. Image Compression is to reduce the size of the image file without sacrificing sharpness of the image.

Sharp images are good. But the problem is the large image file size. It will affect the speed of displaying content on the screen. This problem will go away when compressing, which reduces the image file size by more than 50%, but the image quality that people see. Not much different from before compression.

When the image file size is smaller Web pages will display faster. Web visitors will surely get more satisfaction too.

How many types of Image Compression are there encode images?

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Making compression effective The first thing to understand is that there are two Japan WhatsApp Number List types of Image Compression as follows.

  1. lossy compression : Reducing image size by cropping or reducing image elements. The advantage is a large reduction in image file size. The disadvantage is lower image quality.
  2. lossless compression : Reducing image size without changing the composition or quality of the image. The advantage is that the resolution quality is not changed. The disadvantage is that the image file size is reduced compared to lossy compression.

Practical use of Image Compression

Since lossy and lossless have their own pros and cons, the question is, to solve the problem of Efficiently encode images, which one should we use?

The answer is that, in practice, lossy compression is often used because it SG Phone List aligns with the main goal of Efficiently encode images, i.e. to keep images as small as “acceptable” image quality.

The Image Compression Tool now has a feature to define. “Level to reduce file size” (Compression Level)  

If it is a High Level, it will reduce the image file size a lot. But the image quality is reduced. Normal or Low Level image quality changes very little. or not change at all But the file size is bigger compared to High Level.

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