RETRONIC – Vintage Script

Beautiful vintage English style fonts. classic retro style Vintage Script lines Who wants a beautiful ancient style font? This is another recommend font.

Beautiful English font Vintage Script

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Playfair Display English Alphabet Font which can be download for free at Belize WhatsApp Number List Google Fonts, the distinctiveness of this font is a square letter Line weights are not all the same. But it comes out looking sharp and easy to read. The style of the font is simple and classic. If us as the body of the content, it will help the text to be read a lot easier.

This font is another Old Style font that has a vintage feel. It’s an early font. that was invent Some people may think that it will look old-fashioned or not. but personally think It’s a more classic font. And also have clear lines, easy to read, comfortable on the eyes, if you want the font on the body to be easy to read This is another font that I would like to recommend.

Vintage Script

Caslon is another beautiful Serif-style British alphabet font SG Phone List that was invent in 1722, although it was creat a long time ago. But it can still be us on our website. without feeling too outdat The most popular sentence when talking about this font is “When in doubt, use Caslon.” If anyone still doesn’t know what kind of English font to use, we recommend this font.

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