Which businesses are best suited

  • Website Analytics Analyze and compare statistics about your business’s website and that of your competitors. by telling the ranking of websites from around the world or select only in Thailand Specific business groups from search (Search), direct website traffic (Direct), being mentioned from other websites (Referral) and social access (Social).
  • PR Analytics Track and analyze PR results. and choosing media on online channels for both your business and your competitors Know the feedback from visitors with access to insights Analyze the media that gets the most response. To measure the effectiveness of marketing through online channels further.

Advertising Platform Trend

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Advertising Platform Development Trends in InsightEra Perspectives

  • Channel Coverage covers more channels, such as the popular TikTok, as Iran Phone Number Lis well as eCommerce with chat channels.
  • In-depth customer behavior analysis Able to predict future customer needs in order to plan for future support
  • Automation in shooting advertisements or buying media through online channels Currently, there is still manual. In the future, I would like to automate more advertisements such as scheduling posts or optimizing ads.

Which businesses are suitable for using Advertising Platform ?

  • Social Commerce business, selling via LINE SG Phone List or Instagram, online sellers-sellers will answer the question because they can help analyze information in various channels to bring to segment customers for brands. And brands can choose to communicate to the desired group as well.
  • Digital Agency that takes care of customers who are Social Commerce.

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