Development Trend of Thai

Therefore, the NLP Platform is a tool suitable for Marketing Technologists or people who understand technology and IT departments because it is a tool to analyze data and process data. Therefore not suitable for use by the end user.

NLP Platform in InsightEra Perspective

  • Accuracy in processing and analyzing information in Thai language that further development Because it is an important part of the brand’s use of information.
  • Service types that provide services will be more diverse, for example, adding Text Summarization. Content summaries and Language Generation create new sentences under the original meaning. Can be a to content writing and chatbots.

Which business is suitable for using Thai NLP Platform ?

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  • Businesses that  to process internal information, such as information in the form of Thai text to analyze or categorize data.

But analyzing the competitors before collecting data, it takes time to collect and analyze again. The presence of tools like Competitors Analytics will make marketers more comfortable. Because Italy Phone Number List the tool will collect data and summarize the results to clearly see the picture. Makes it easier for us to take the data for further analysis. This is therefore one of the tools marketers must use ever.

Development Trend Competitors Analytics Tools Trend in InsightEra Views

  • Industry Benchmark to analyze the SG Phone List positioning of the brand to see where it is compared to competitors. This allows marketers to strategize effectively and suit their position.
  • Analytics View of Competitor Analysis There will be a Content Strategy analysis or in terms of choosing an Influencer or Media to make the analysis of competitors more comprehensive.

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