Divided by content type

  • Blogger is a content creator in the field of articles. By using the ability to write recommendations, spread the word about products, services, tourist attractions or self-improvement, finances, health, parenting, music, or even activities Organized by brands often have followers who are readers who are interested in that particular area, which is often seen nowadays in terms of cosmetic reviews. or products in daily life, which influences consumers’ choice of products
  • A Youtuber is a person who creates content in the form of videos on the YouTube platform, which has different content for each channel, such as Little Monster, a family channel, Ice Padie a beauty channel, Mojiko channel. about food Usually it is marketing content for brands in a tie-in style, selling products and services seamlessly so as not to disturb the emotions of the viewers.
  • Podcasters are audio content creators, a relatively new feature of online content. And it’s growing in popularity, like Mission to the Moon and the Standard, that are self-improvement. inspiration to try something 
  • Instagrammer In addition to content such as articles, videos and audio clips, Photo content or social posts are especially popular on the Instagram channel, where Instagrammers post photos to support brands. Whether wearing clothes and use the products of that brand 

What is the role of an influencer?

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Get to know the brand’s target audience.

Influencers need to get to know the brand very well first, who is the brand’s target New Zealand Mobile Number List audience and how old are they? And which platform is the target audience most in order to plan content creation to meet the brand’s target audience? And can reach the target group more precisely

Get to know brand value

After knowing who the brand’s target audience is, the influencer must understand the true value of the brand through researching, thinking, analyzing in order to pass on the SG Phone List brand value through communicating to the target audience to know and understand the true value of the brand. Including being able to emphasize such values ​​that are unique to compete with other brands.

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