Bonus : Font Copyright Law Update

Besides copyrighted images, fonts are also copyrighted. It is advisable to carefully study the copyright law. because there will be problems with copyright

copyright issues It’s a problem that bothers almost every designer, Copyright Law Update  especially “free fonts” that many times are not really free. But there are secret conditions that everyone must read to understand every time. 

or even fonts that you already paid for Each price rate can be used differently. According to Georgia WhatsApp Number List the owner of the font to determine

Things to know before using free fonts Copyright Law Update 

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A note for looking at which free fonts aren’t really free. Look for a description of the font usage from the font owner. The most commonly seen is 

“Font… is a free font that is only allowed for personal use, not for commercial use.”

If you see a font description like this Shows that you can’t download fonts to make a living. You need to pay money to buy a license to allow commercial use first.

Most of the websites that allow free font downloads will already have a clear requirement that In what ways can each Thai font be used? for example.

Before downloading free fonts on, on the download page, terms of use SG Phone List from copyright holders are explained in detail.


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