In fact, this font is designed

CS Prajad A standard Thai font with a simple font. It is a font that is suitable for use as letters with long text. or the main content on the content on our website because the text is easy to read After placing them together, they look organized. visually clean Another cool Thai font. that would font is designed like to use it.

Thai alphabet font font is designed

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The font used in articles on the website that we would like to recommend is the “Boon” font. It is another font with a simple, round head. Helps make our content easier to read. and the specialty of this font is There is also a Lao language design, there are 2 styles, the one matching the italics.

SOV Thanamas

The font “Thanamat” is a handwritten font. that is like writing in foreign fonts Germany WhatsApp Number List suitable for fun work Look lively, such as a wedding invitation letter. 

TH Sarabun New

Ending with a common Thai font at home because it is a font that we often see According to various publications such as in books, the specialty of this font is is a Thai font with a head Elegant design, easy to SG Phone List read, suitable for use in print media at a very formal level.

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