ChatGPT with Facebook Ads

The trend of ChatGPT is being talk about a lot in today’s society. And it is a stimulus for interest in AI (Aritificial Intelligence) with more intensity. It is undeniable that this convenience includes digital marketing from now on as well.

In this article, I would like to show you a picture of how AI can contribute to digital marketing. Through the application of ChatGPT mainly in conjunction with Facebook Ads advertising, which is the most popular online advertising platform in Thailan.

Source of ChatGPT

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First of all, I would like to introduce ChatGPT first, I believe that many people who have studied this tool before should be familiar with it. It is a tool developed by OpenAI, a generative AI in the form of a chatbot that can interact with users. The user will enter a command or message (Prompt) down. 

This Generative AI is the use of AI

to create information that has never been done before. Through SG Phone List consideration of the nature of the existing information. Of course, the development team would have to train ChatGPT with massive amounts of data. In order to have the smartest ability to talk to the user itself. If anyone wants to understand more of these technical information. I recommend that you do your own research on Internet resources that describe ChatGPT in more detail.

When this ChatGPT can be applied in marketing for Bulgaria Phone Number List higher efficiency in marketing and can lead marketers to achieve their goals So I would like to call this ChatGPT a MarTech or another hot marketing technology. Ready to support all marketers who are interested in applying it in their further work.


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