The indirect competitors

They may be your suppliers who one day stand up and do branding. or alternative products such as selling almond milk while you sell soy milk will allow you to answer yourself that ‘Your product and brand Can you compete with this competitor? Makes it possible to see how to have The indirect  strategies in the midst of competition with new players coming in to win market share’

Side-by-side competitors The indirect 

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That came from outside the industry, such as the flying turtle kiosk, which became a competitor to coffee shops, beverages, especially coffee and convenience store beverages. will allow you to answer yourself that ‘A current or trend that has changed. What obstacles or opportunities do you have in this game? It helps to see opportunities such as Partnership, buying or joining businesses to expand the business or really should be Exit.’

Most importantly, the most influential market maker.

Occupy the most market share and consumer data will allow you to SG Phone List answer yourself that ‘Should I go into this battle, for example in a monopolistic or semi-monopoly market with few players? In a highly innovative market and know how to enter with which products and services Which part of the consumption chain does it go into?

When you read the game, what is the value of this battleground?

Who offers what value to which audience?

You don’t have to compete in their game. Hard-to-win games so you can make Senegal Phone Number List your own. from the opportunity that the value of your products and services responds to the mind When your business meets the needs and occupies any target group, even if it’s small, but if they love your brand, the power of Brand Love will expand your Branding universe and it will become. business momentum Here, you may try to study an example of BNK 48’s business model to see how he created new values ​​that connected and expanded his business to success.

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