Layiji Mahaniyom Light

Maha Niyom Bao 1.2 is a cute Thai font, free download, can be us on both computers and mobile phones. that has been popular for a long time until now It is a font with proportional stroke sizes. The letter curve looks and feels soft and sweet. But it has a bit of a “semi-formal” look, so this font can be us in many ways.

This font is suitable for events or functions that focus on fun, such Mahaniyom Light as birthday parties, graduation parties, celebrations. Or can be us in women’s businesses such as clothes, cosmetics, bags.

Iannnnn-DOG(dog) Mahaniyom Light

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One of the hottest cute Thai fonts of 2022 is iannnnn-DOG (Dog).

It is a font that gives a cute, fun, warm feeling, so it is suitable for brands with a cheerful and fun image, such as desserts, cakes, pets, and cafes. cute, etc., or will write a clear teen-style caption It works fine.

Another highlight is It is a well-siz head font that is suitable for all Finland WhatsApp Number List parts of print media, such as headings, body text, or other components. can be us perfectly.

“Mah Ja”, a cute

Thai font Popular for animal lovers commonly us on mobile phones.

Designe by the owner of the fan page “Ma Ja”, the distinctive feature of the font is SG Phone List It’s a thin line handwritten font. Giving a pleasing mood, cute and warm, as if having a loving pet snuggling beside me.

This font is suitable for all types of dog-related businesses, such as household appliances, dog food, or for informal use, such as gag cartoons .


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