Performance Marketing ourselves

First of all, we need to understand the purpose of the business. What do you want to do, for what, and for whom? We will know how many KPIs we will set and how to formulate a strategy to be able to measure Performance Marketing towards those KPIs.

Once we start planning strategies and marketing campaigns. In the meantime, we must Keep testing our campaigns all the time. If we find a point that hasn’t reached the Performance we have put in place, we have to constantly improve to push the campaign to meet the marketing needs as much as possible. And can measure results according to the set KPIs at the end of the campaign

for accurate and usable measurements Measurement tools are very important. Use tools that are suitable for each platform and purpose, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, to measure the performance of websites promoted through Facebook.

What benefits does a business get from 

In an era where the success of a brand Or a product is measured by sales, revenue and social trends. Marketing with Performance Marketing will meet this business goal.

Because of measurable marketing, It will increase the opportunity for Germany Phone Number List to increase sales, income, and profit significantlyMarketing budgets based on precise measurements It also help reduce the cost of marketing that is extravagant.

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Of course, measurement is a good thing. But in this era where 

Because of the arrival of Martech (Marketing Technology), marketing strategies must be adjusted to meet the needs of the target group. measurement and analysis of the data. You need to understand more deeply about Insight, how customers behave, lifestyle, and thoughts are all important.

Like Digisaws itself, we take the matter. Always have a deep understanding of the brand The difficulty is that the supplement market has many competitors. Another variety of consumers But we were able to reach the KPIs that were set.

We choose to understand the product. and the character of the real brand to study the needs of customers in depth by keeping it as tangible information down to mingle with that brand to analyze various possibilities

Summed up into a Customer Journey strategy SG Phone List based on data and tailoring ads to target audiences on each platform to create awareness and lead to conversions. Within 3 months, we were able to generate 10 times the ROAS for the LAVISH Sopidnapa brand.

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