From Session: The Art of Networking

So I want to know when Poleg Started work in the field and came to work at MFEC as the first employee. At that time, MFEC had founder executives who established the company. Did this networking contribute to Phi Leng’s success today?

Yes, Networking is really important. What I can teach you about now is because I’m old. At that time, I was a child and didn’t know about these things. After going through a lot of experience, he brought his experience to teach and share. Because I want to let the children The new generation pays more attention to Networking. Some things, if we haven’t been through before, we will never know. 

Brother Lang talked

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Observing chance and luck This matter, in addition to requiring experience. The key is Spain Phone Number List to understand what we want in life. Seeing opportunities and knowing that opportunities, if we do well, will help us reach our goals in life. We are dedicated to it, with opportunities that may not meet our life’s needs. We may not have to devote that much. This takes time to learn, but it’s important that you know yourself.

It’s a concept that applies to everything

I disagree It doesn’t depend on habits. It is about SG Phone List understanding the context of your own work and adapting to do that job. To come out fully, for example, we know that we are going to talk to customers. We may not be cheerful people. But we communicated correctly, clearly understood, tying a habit with a career path is something that we do not agree with at all. Anyone can do the job they want.

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