What I think is the real challenge

For Martech is not about people, but about processes that organizations have to adjust to adopt technology if the process allows it. Believe that people have tools to make their work easier, they must want to use them anyway. The difficulty lies in the process that the organization has to adapt to Martech. For example, before we had tools, people had to work by sending documents. Send emails to confirm things in work, but with tools coming in, everything can be done automatically. People who still stick to the same process will make it difficult because the same process has to be done. The new process has to be done, it doesn’t make sense. In the end, Martech will be used less because people in the organization don’t adjust the process.

Q: In the end, is Martech really necessary for business?

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A: Each business has different pain points and needs. Using technology to Malaysia Phone Number Lis solve problems has become a fundamental thing that should be done in order for businesses to be able to compete in the market. In today’s marketing, technology plays a large role, making Martech become a fundamental thing that organizations should adopt as normal.

Why is this normal?

Because Martech is very diverse and believes that today 80-90% of brands communicate through online. Whether inside or outside the organization, they all use online channels, which makes Martech play a greater role. Makes us work easier, faster, more efficient. Why not do it with Martech? It’s a fundamental thing that can be done to benefit the business. While if we don’t do it, it will be a lost opportunity. and makes the competitiveness inferior to other brands that use Martech

So today access to Martech and education There are SG Phone List many successful case studies both domestically and internationally, believing that adoption definitely has more pros than cons. If you want to drive your business to grow and compete in the market, adopting Martech is a fundamental thing to do.

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