Runners or Joggers on The same route

What should be done is that the old people let him work in the old parts that he is good at and specializes in. As for the new people who come with trends. to be responsible for new things We don’t need to have runners in every company. We may have marathon runners or joggers on the same route.

I like this sentence Coming to another 

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Regarding job openings. The company rarely accepts people over the age Armenia Phone Number List of 30, right? Although some people may just find themselves or start working late. But instead, I lost the opportunity to work that I like just because I’m too old.

Today is very fun. but time is running out Before parting, I would like to ask about what is trending on Twitter. With the elder tabbing down to help distribute things by himself at an event.

True, I think age is just a number.

And talent is not determined by age. Having said that, this is SG Phone List a matter of diversity, isn’t it? both the diversity of generations and ages Companies that understand this matter are good. But there are still some companies that may not be open in this respect.

We have to gradually let’s adjust no matter how old Knowledge is not the end. Gradually build good values. To change the working society in Thailand to be more open and better.

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