Tricks to use free images without copyright

The first basic information to know is A free image suitable for content must  copyright correctly have two characteristics:

There is a Creative Commons copyright copyright correctly

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Creative Commons (CC) is an agreement that authors of images allow free use of images. Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List but with conditions Some images can be edite, adde text and can be use for commercial purposes, which CC has details as shown in the figure below.

The details of the symbol are as follows:

  • BY : User must provide credit which can be a link or text. to the creator
  • ND : Do not edit, use the original image only.
  • NC : Not for commercial use.
  • SA : If editing or editing the original image The new image must use the same conditions as SG Phone List the old image.

By way of reading the symbols, if “have” means must be followed, but if “not” means not prohibited, for example, the image has the symbol “BY ND” means must give credit and use the original image. But not forbidden for commercial use, etc.

Free images, no copyright There will be a clear symbol

I know a real estate businessman in the past. The other party must return the principal plus interest to him every 3 months, but the other party is distorted. So the lawsuit arose.

But the result is not as expected, he lost the case because of “missing words”

The court ruled that the contract of sale, if paying more from the principal, must use the word “compensation”, but the document he made used the word “interest”, so it was considered a “mortgage” contract. The parties can breach the “consignment sale” contract because there is no contract of consignment from the beginning.


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