This lesson also taught him

Using a CC image is the same as making a contract. Before every use, you should taught him  check if the CC symbol is “disappear” from the picture or not.

I notic that Some free image websites taught him 

(Assuming the name of the website A), which has a message on the homepage saying that every image can be edit and us for commercial use. But when you click on the picture Instead, there is no CC symbol attach to it as shown in the picture below.

Compar to another website for free images without copyright, each image has a clearly visible CC symbol. as shown below.

The question is if you use images from website A and there is a copyright dispute. How would you respond Macedonia WhatsApp Number List when asked if Is there any text or symbols in this image that allow free format?? Of course, it’s a difficult question to answer. Because the CC symbol really “disappears”.

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Principles of using free images No copyright in any way

The next question is, since some CC images are allowed to be modified and used for any purpose, does that mean unlimited use of them?

The answer is no.

The CC copyright has certain limitations which if you violate have the right to sue But not many people know So I assumed that I could use free images like Freestyle.

And here are 4 ways to properly use free images. This will greatly reduce the chance of being sued SG Phone List for copyright.


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