Core Web Vitals consist of 3 factors

Save resources :  If it is a website with a lot of content. There are tens of thousands to tens of thousands of web pages. Image Optimization makes the file size of each web page less. Reduce the amount of storage space of Web Hosting, saving the cost of making a website.

Good for SEO : In 2021, Google announced Core Web Vitals  as one of its ranking factors. If your website has a good Core Web Vitals score, your chances of being in the top more search results.

  • LCP : The amount of time during which a viewer of the website begins to see the content on the screen. It starts from the time a viewer presses Enter until the content of a webpage is seen. Google defines that LCP should be less than 2.5 seconds.
  • FID : A measure of website latency. It measures the amount of time it takes a viewer to start clicking something (button, menu, link) on a web page until the website responds, for example, when a menu is clicked. How quickly does the page change?
  • CLS : Measures the shift of Layout. This value reflects that Stable on-screen content Doesn’t scroll back and forth?

Doing Image Optimization will significantly improve your LCP, FID scores, which means it is good for SEO because it increases your chances of getting in the top. of the search results.

Process of Image Optimization Vitals consist

The Image Optimization process consists of 3 steps:

  • Use a website audit tool. to find out which images need Indonesia WhatsApp Number List optimization.
  • When you know the picture, consider what the problem is and how to fix it.
  • Take action to fix image problems with images.

Let’s go into detail step by step.

Use Tools to Check Image

The first step of Image Optimization is to find out what images on our website need to be optimized. 

who knows the above information Validation tools are required. SG Phone List This article introduces 2 tools as follows.

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