How to use YouTube Keyword Tool

YouTube Keyword Tool will help us discover more keywords. because sometimes even if we think I have thought of all the keywords related to the channel, but using the Keyword Tool often leads to finding keywords related to the channel content. But we don’t always expect it.

Click the Related Keywords tab to view information.

Related Keyword is information about words that are “related” USA Phone Number List to all keywords. This can be words that mean the same thing but are called different words (e.g., “Online Marketing” and “Digital Marketing”) or something close to the keyword. Example as shown below.

With the above information, there are metrics that you should know as follows.

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  • Search Volume: The average amount of people searching for a keyword per month.
  • Competition: How difficult it is to get the video to appear in the top ranks, where High means very competitive (difficult), Medium means moderately competitive, and Low means low competition (easy).
  • Overall: Difficulty getting the video to the top. SG Phone List Displayed in numerical format, ranging from 0 to 100, the higher the number The easier it is to compete

In addition to providing keyword information related to the keyword, Another important benefit of the Related Keyword tab is finding other “keywords” other than what we thought.

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