Research keywords from competitors

The next step is competitor analysis. This is an analysis of a YouTube channel that has a lot of visitors, a lot of followers, and has a story similar to our channel. to find that information videos of these channels Which story gets a lot of views?

Then delve into that. How people see a competitor’s highly viewed video What keywords do they use to search? so that we can bring such keywords Let’s apply it to our channel.

How to get keywords from competitors

Step 1

Install the vidIQ Chrome Extension tool.

In this article, I will simulate the Content Shifu channel as a UAE Phone Number List  competitor. to show you how to search for keywords

Step 3

Go to your competitors channel >> select “videos” tab >> select “Popular” tab, it will show your competitor’s most viewed videos. Sort descending order

Step 4

Click to watch the video >> scroll down until you see the “Video Tags” window in the bottom right corner. The information in Video Tags is the keywords used by competitors in this video.

Step 5

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Consider the keywords

The Video Tags box and write down the ones that catch your eye. when we click on a keyword Search Volume and Related Keyword information will appear on the screen, helping SG Phone List us to know more detailed information as well. Go back and consider your competitors’ other “Popular Video” as much as possible. to collect keywords that fit our niche This process can take several days. But I guarantee that It will give you worthwhile results. Because I know What is the target audience interested in? What keywords do you use to search for videos? to create cool videos The content continues to appeal to viewers.

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