Summarizing the latest Google Algorithm updates

In one day, there are more than 4,000 million people Algorithm updates searching for information on Google , and there’s no need to mention the importance of Google to doing business and the digital industry. How can we take advantage of this Search Engine?

And so that we can take full advantage of Google Search. we must understand “How it works” or Algorithm (Algorithm) to how to rank and display results. So that we can know how to optimize (Optimize) the website for the best Performance.

In this article, we’ll take you on a deeper dive into the Google Algorithm, or how it processes, ranks, and displays results, along with an overview over 2022, how the Google Algorithm has change.

Anyone who works in marketing or SEO should definitely not miss it.

What is Google Algorithm Algorithm updates ?

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There are currently more than 1.5 billion websites on the Internet. It would be impossible Mexico WhatsApp Number List for us to find the information we ne by visiting every website. Google Algorithm is the system behind the rankings of websites to ‘screen’ the websites that are most relevant to the keyword or keyword that people search for. show up

May summarize the work of Google Search simply as “search-rank-display results” as close to what people want as possible. (And the fastest too)

The Google Search Algorithm is constantly being updat to improve search results over time. Which SG Phone List updates are very frequent almost every day Some days there are many updates as well, for example, in 2018, the number of updates has reache 3,234, but the update that really affects users like us and should be known is “Core Update” or adjustments. The algorithms that affect Google Search rankings

So why should we keep track of Google Algorithm updates?

  • Certain Google Algorithm changes affect your display rankings, for example, increasing or decreasing your website rank, and of course affecting your SEO strategy.
  • Google is like a “rule maker.” Sites that obey the rules will be rewarde. (ranke well) Or on the first page) At the same time, websites that break the rules will also be penalize. So we should always update the ‘rules’.
  • The change happene overnight. new tools and technologies pop up fast Just when we stand still, it’s like we’re slowly I have retreate several steps.

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