The Social Commerce Market

Speak in terms of the seller first. I think that sellers need to understand more about the platforms they use. and have good sales closing channels To be able to The Social  develop customers into regular customers, which LINE SHOPPING already focuses on customer relationships.

In terms of people buying themselves The Social 

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Thinking about general behavior The urge to buy can come in many ways. Either from social media itself or spread the word. But the important thing that makes buyers Kazakhstan Phone Number List decide to buy things is a buying channel that is fast, easy and confident that they can really buy it. Therefore, there must be a complete platform. that can help build confidence in the purchase and will return to the Social Commerce platform that the seller chooses to use.

Red Ocean that

Like LINE SHOPPING, it has a strong point in nurturing and building long-term relationships with customers. This is different from ad or commission based platforms. I think it’s good to have more options for consumers. 

Which has both advantages and disadvantages. Because in the SG Phone List corner of creators and brands It is difficult to maintain or interact with Followers when we lack space to display our content. It can be seen as a risk that brands and creators must be careful and adapt to because customers will see more options. This makes promotions at Fundamental easy to understand and more attractive.

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