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Nowadays, when people have questions or have problems Most people don’t turn to friends or relatives to ask where they are. But will ask Agoo like Google, so Google has a lot of information about what people want to know or what people are curious about.

And Google shares some wisdom with us too Search Analytics

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In addition to what people want to know or have questions. It is equally important to analyze what people are interest in and like to interact with.

Which the place where people are interest and likes to interact is Social Media itself.

Trying to use technology to listen to voices and understand people’s emotions (Sentiment) is therefore important.

Tools such as Wisesight (Zocialeye), InsightEra (DOM) , Mandala, Zanroo, Social Jordan Phone Number List Enable, Realsmart are tools that collect data on social media publicly scattered on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pantip, YouTube, TikTok and summarize. together easily

Or understanding Native Social Analytics of different social media is also important.


From time immemorial “Word-of-Mouth Marketing” is one of the most powerful SG Phone List marketing techniques.

After using it, I like it, so I tell it. After telling it, people will want to come and buy it.

The Affiliate technology is a technology created to make these matters measurable. (measurable who clicks/buys This purchase was sent from which referral) and thus the referral benefited as well.

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