Are the conditions still the same

When the image was created It immediately belongs to the still the samephotographer. The photographer has the right to set the conditions and give CC copyright to the photo owner.

The point is that the owner of the photo has the right to change or cancel the CC at any time. without notice

If you load a stock free image that is CC or is a frequently used image. Should check before use every time that Are the conditions for using free images still the same? because it may have changed

The free image you use Does it cause damage to others still the same

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when you modify cut some parts to use or add text to images for free to analyze whether Did it Malaysia WhatsApp Number List cause damage to others or was it an impersonation or not?

For example, you can take a free photo with a CC symbol that has a star in it and edit it to just the person. then enter the message Use your cream and you will be beautiful like this. by the actor who doesn’t know about it This is considered using the CC image completely wrong.

Why is it wrong? The answer is because CC copyright does not protect you from other laws. (both SG Phone List domestic and international laws), such as the Computer Crime Act (sharing untrue messages) or defamation laws (If a person uses the cream and loses Celebrities may be discredited) Claims CC copyright allows you to use free images for any purpose. So put the message in the form of a star like that. It’s an unheard of excuse.

 Can you tell me the source of the picture?

Some CC images don’t have to be attribution, but I recommend that you always include a free image attribution. why do that

The answer is to prevent forgetting the source of the image. When you want to refer, you can go right away.

You should know that Worldwide photo selling websites employ thousands of people every day to view the website alone. to see if the site is using free images correctly. what will happen When some silly companies say you’re using an image for copyright infringement But you can’t find information to contradict it. Because I forgot which website I downloaded from. Which is definitely not good for you.

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